1.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter Pump Motor Strainer for Hayward

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  • Power:1100W/1.5HP
  • Voltage:110V / 60Hz
  • Max. Flow:400 L/m
  • IP55 INS CL.F:Max. 50 C
  • Head:Max 16m / 52ft
  • Amps:10 A
  • Capacitor:25 F
  • Inlet:1.5'' Internal
  • Outlet:1.5'' Internal
  • Pipe Compatibility: Fit 1.5 inch plumbing internally
  • Noise Level:<65dB
  • Weight:9.7 kg /21 lbs
  • Power cord length:1.5m/59inch

1.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter Pump Motor Strainer


  • Powerful Self-Priming IP55 1.5HP Electric Motor.
  • Suitable for pools up to 7000 liters.
  • Advanced S-Tek Flow System For Increased Efficiency With Continuous Flow Rate Of 400L/min.
  • Full-Size Removable Strainer Basket.
  • 100% Salt and Chlorine compatible.
  • Full Commercial Duty - Designed to run 24/7.
  • Works with Inground and Above Ground.
  • Built-In Thermal Overload Protection.
  • Ideal for Residential/Commercial Swimming Pools & Spa.

More Specifications:

Power Source: Electric, Corded
Thread diameter: G2.25"   
Plug: US plug
Max. Temp: 104 Degree Fahrenheit (40 Degree Celsius)   
Item Length: 25.6''  
RPM: 3450r/min
Inlet: 1.5inch   
Noise level: <65dB
Amps: 10A   
Minimum Pump Power Requirement: 1.5HP
Max. Temperature: 140 ℉/60 ℃   
Energy Star: A+++ 
Labels & Certifications: UL
Item Height: 13.4''   
Water Type: All Water Types
Voltage: 110 V-120 V   
Amperage: 16A
Outlet: 1.5inch   
Max Water Temperature: 50℃
Features: Single Phase, Chlorine Resistant, Easy Installation, Noise Vibration Reduction, Rust Resistant, Single-Speed   
Item Width: 6.7''
Speed: 400 L/m   
Installation: Universal Installation
Material: ABS, Cast Iron, Copper, Stainless Steel   
Set Includes: Pool Pump, Fittings, Full Instructions
Brand: iMeshbean   
Type: Filter Pump   
Model: SPP1100A
Pump Housing Material: PPGF30 + PC (anti-Oxident)   
Recommended Flow Rate: 400 L/m
Frequency: 60Hz   
IPX5 CAP: 60μF/250V AC
Item Weight: 21lb   
Maximum Head Lift: 16m / 52ft
Power: 1100W   
UPC: 0283961330595
MPN: 4AZY8007   
Suitable For: Above Ground Pools
Ip55 Ins Cl.: MAX. 50C
Inlet: 1.5 HP.5 Hp.57inch (40mm) Internal / 2in. (50mm) External
Outlet: 1.5 HP.5 Hp.57inch (40mm) Internal / 2in. (50mm) External
Type: Spp250e
Minimum Pump Power Requirement: 2.5hp
Maximum Flow Rate: 560L/M
Capacitor: 25 F
Head:MAX 19m / 62.34ft.

How to use

  • 1. Locate the pump as close as possible to the pool.
  • 2. The pump suction line should not be smaller than the pressure line. All piping must be airtight
  • 3. The threads on the pump must be sealed with Teflon Tape or Silicon when the pump unions are screwed on.
  • 4. The weight of the piping should be supported independently and not carried by the pump.
  • 5. Fill the pump tank with water before starting.
  • 6. High suction lifts, or long suction lines, require additional time and reduce the performance of the pump.
  • 7. The water being pumped cools and lubricates the seal.
  • 8. After the pump tank has been filled with water, and the motor started, allow a few moments for the pump to start delivering water.

Package included

  • 1x Pool Pump
  • 1x 59inch Power cord w/US plug
  • 1x User Manual

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