Female 14-50R 4 Prong Receptacle to Old Male 10-50P 3-Pin Plug Stove Adapter

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Bullet Point

  • 1.100% copper wire conductor inside Heavy-duty power adapter cord.
  • 2. Length 12" from plug to plug.
  • 3. NEMA 10-50P 50A 120V/240V Welder Plug 3-Prong Male - NEMA 14-50R 50A 125/250 Volt 4-Prong Female.
  • 4. Power cord adapter converter: Designed for EV CARS, WELDER MACHINE, LAUNDRY DRYER, Wired Specifically for compatibility with the Tesla/ EV charging.
  • 5. It allows EV owners to connect their charging equipment to the older NEMA 10-50 outlet that was typically used with electric ranges.
  • 6. NEMA 10-50P TO NEMA 14-50R Adapter -- 120V-240V Designed for EV charging, Wired Specifically for compatibility with the Tesla/ EV charge NEMA 10-50P 50A 250V Welder Plug 3-Prong Male NEMA 14-50R 50A 120/240 Volt 4-Prong Female.

NEMA 14-50R 4PRONG Socket to 10-50P 3PIN PLUG Oven Stove Convrter 14-50 to 10-50


  • Brand: iMeshbean
  • Maximum Input Current: 41-50 A   
  • Input Voltage: 250 V
  • Output Voltage: 250 V
  • Maximum Compatible Appliance Wattage: 3750 W   
  • Application: Household Appliances
  • Plug Type: United States   
  • Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor   
  • Type: Power Cord/Adapter/Cable
  • Resistance Properties: Weather Resistant   
  • Features: Cord, Heavy Duty


  • NEMA 10-50P to 14-50R 120V/240V 50 Amp.
  • Suitable for Tesla Charger
  • NOT grounded
  • Length: 12 Inch

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